Stump Crusher 850 Pro

This pioneering stump crusher works so fast it will grind stumps in seconds.

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Dipperfox Stump Grinder 850 PRO is a professional tool for 14-30t excavators. This revolutionary tool is making a significant difference in stump crushing efficiency. Thus saving you time and money.


minimum power of 74 kW (100hp)
pressure of 180-350 bar
oil flow of 110-220 l/min
weight of 14-30 tons

180 stumps in 1 hour - fastest and most efficient drill on the market
Bolt-on blades produced from extremely heavy-duty durable steel
Suitable for forest and urban challenges
Patented innovative technology
Easy PLUG & PLAY installment
State-of-the-art dynamic gearbox
Weight 575 kg
Stump Crusher 850 Pro
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Staadioni 2, Paikuse,
86602 Pärnu county, Estonia

Technical Details

Friend of the forest

Our Stump Crusher is easy on the soil. Its rotating blades crush and push all the wood residue into the ground and don't leave any craters or voids behind. The site needs no additional equipment for cleanup and is ready for planting new trees.

Endurance is speed

Using fewer moving parts increases the crusher's durability and the adjustable transmission allows to put out maximum power at really slow rotation speeds. This creates less wear and tear to the blades, which means more uninterrupted work.

Smart about work

Dipperfox does the same amount of work 5-10 times faster than most competitors, crushing a stump in just 20-30 seconds. If it's just one stump, then why bother counting the time. But if you need to remove 100 or 1000 stumps, it makes all the difference.

Powerful technology, sleek design

Every machine is different. We have a default connection plate but we can easily customize it to fit whatever you need. Either way we got you covered.

Use the Dipperfox default plate
Fit it to my adapter

Share its measurements with us and we will make our Stump Crusher fit your existing adapter.

Build me a new adapter

We will custom build one for you that connects the DipperFox Stump Crusher with your excavator.

See it in action

Going viral 6m times

Dipperfox stump grinder has been viewed by over 6 million people on TikTok. Have a peek at this cutting-edge technology yourself.

Success stories

A prototype that still works

My job is to reconstruct drainage trenches in the forest. Removing the stumps with a ripper hook or a scoop bucket always led to the same issues – progress was relatively slow and eventually I ran out of space due to the big piles of removed stumps and roots.

After getting my hands on one of the first working Stump Crusher prototypes of I could approach my work from a completely different angle – in a matter of seconds it drills and crushes the stumps straight into the ground, where they decompose naturally.

Now the same job gets done 4 times faster and my clients get a much cleaner end result. With no residue piles blocking the way, trenches are easily accessible by foot or lighter maintenance vehicles. Clearly, this investment has paid off, because the prototype still works without any flaws.

Olavi Marksaar | Owner | Omatec Land Improvement

Prepare for worst, expect the best

We are the biggest heavy equipment company in our region and thought we had seen everything. Therefore we were sceptical when we first saw this newly invented device that had just been brought to market. No-one had tried it yet.

Already at its first day of work Dipperfox topped all possible expectations and delivered unbelievable results! Besides the speed we no longer had to deal with the transport and disposal of the stumps – this meant significant savings in time, equipment and man-hours.

The word spread fast and we put up a rental service for the crusher. Dipperfox is very simple in construction and hasn’t had any technical problems – all it needs is replacing the blades occasionally. Stumps can be a terrible headache, but these times are over now. 

Janek Melnik | Head of Maintenance | Kaurits Heavy Machinery

This is the new fast

Working with Dipperfox Stump Crusher is several times faster and a lot more fuel efficient than the traditional methods I have been using so far – mostly the scoop or the ripper.

Above all, it is the efficiency – instead of spending 2-3 minutes for ripping, transporting, piling or burying each stump, it only takes 20 seconds with Dipperfox to crush a stump into the dirt and you can move on to the next one. Simple as that.

It’s a unique tool for clearing the ground after deforestation, preparing plots for construction or farming, trenching or urban landscaping in places that require precision and don't leave any room for errors.

Roland Karlson | Excavator operator | Talvakas Heavy Machinery

Want to try our stump grinder?

Contact our sales team and they will discuss how to connect your excavators with our tool so that you can grind stumps in seconds.

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