Transforming Stump Removal Across New Zealand

It all started 20 years ago

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Dipperfox Stump Removal tool was born from our firsthand insights. During our time in the forests and construction sites, frequent downtime highlighted the need for better tools. Motivated by this, we created our own solution.

In 2018, we crafted our first stump crusher prototype and handed it over to a heavy equipment company in Estonia for testing. It performed so well that they decided to keep it—and it’s still operational today. Following this, our next prototype was similarly impressive and was also kept by the testers.

This feedback indicated that we had created something exceptional. Today, Dipperfox is used in over 30 countries, receiving accolades globally. We are excited to share feedback from our dealer in New Zealand.

Robur Hire Evaluates the Dipperfox Stump Crusher

I’m impressed, really impressed!
Throughout my career in excavator attachments, I’ve witnessed occasional breakthroughs that redefine industry standards. The Dipperfox stump crusher unquestionably falls into this category as a game-changer.
Let’s break down why.
Never have I witnessed large tough stumps demolished with such rapidity and ease.
The Dipperfox delivers immense torque, up to 42 000NM in low gear, tackling even the toughest stumps effortlessly. Plus, its smart gear-shifting mechanism adjusts to high gear for faster cutting when the maximum torque isn’t required.
With its slow rotation speed (60 rpm), debris and wood chips remain controlled, ensuring a safer work environment.
Low Maintenance
Boasting only two blades sharpenable with an angle grinder, it minimizes moving parts, reducing maintenance hassles.
As an add-on for excavators, Dipperfox offers exceptional value, fitting various sizes and models without requiring a complete stump grinding machine purchase.
Beyond stump grinding, it seamlessly transitions to other tasks like cone/log splitting or high-torque drilling.
While these features alone make a compelling case, there’s much more to discover, such as its quiet operation. But to truly grasp its capabilities, I recommend experiencing it firsthand.
-Clem Simpkin, Robur Hire NZ