Fortal Rental Fleet Incorporates Stump Grinders

Competitive Rental Industry in Estonia

In the fiercely competitive rental industry, finding a niche that sets your business apart can be a game changer. One company making a significant impact is Fortal, an innovative rental company based in Estonia. They have discovered their secret weapon: Dipperfox’s stump grinders.

Understanding The Need for Stump Grinders

Fortal’s equipment fleet traditionally included loaders and excavators, which are perfect for residential work, navigating tight spaces like backyards and garden areas with ease. However, they noticed a growing demand among homeowners not just for excavation, but also for stump removal — a task often seen as cumbersome and expensive when tackled separately.

Recognizing this need, Fortal introduced a strategic addition to its services. They now offer a versatile stump grinder that transforms their mini excavators into dual-purpose machines. This approach allows customers to tackle excavation and stump removal with a single rental, offering a seamless and cost-effective solution.


Freedom of Choice Drives New Business

The benefits of integrating a stump grinder into existing equipment are clear. Customers save money by hiring one machine for multiple tasks, and rental companies like Fortal can offer a broader range of services. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts rental utilisation rates.

Fortal treats the addition of stump grinders as more than just an extra service; they view it as a pivotal part of their future strategy. They’re positioning stump grinding as a competitive edge, one they plan to expand and emphasize in the coming years.


Seeking Ways to Stand Out in the Rental Market?

If you’re in the rental business and looking to diversify your equipment offerings, consider how adding a stump grinder could not only meet a widespread need but also carve out a unique market niche for your company. Fortal’s experience illustrates the potential for growth and differentiation in a crowded market by simply integrating smart, versatile tools like Dipperfox’s stump grinders into your service lineup.