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Stump Crusher 850 Pro

This pioneering stump crusher works so fast it will grind stumps in seconds.

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Dipperfox Stump Grinder 850 PRO is a professional tool for 14-30t excavators. This revolutionary tool is making a significant difference in stump crushing efficiency. Thus saving you time and money.


minimum power of 74 kW (100hp)
pressure of 180-350 bar
oil flow of 110-220 l/min
weight of 14-30 tons

180 stumps in 1 hour - fastest and most efficient drill on the market
Bolt-on blades produced from extremely heavy-duty durable steel
Suitable for forest and urban challenges
Patented innovative technology
Easy PLUG & PLAY installment
State-of-the-art dynamic gearbox
Weight 575 kg
Stump Crusher 850 Pro
Let it spin

Oak stump

One stump in 40s

1 oak and 3 spruce stumps in 2 min

Forest tiller and Dipperfox

Dipperfox in pair with forest tiller

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