EU supports

Leader project 13-21.2/22/1403
Production fresh air ventilation system.

Innovation unit project 2014-2020.4.04.22-2263
Period: 14.03.2022 – 31.05.2022 Preparation and filing of patent applications for national phases, based on international PCT.

Innovation Unit Project EU53878
Period: 12.03.2020 – 11.03.2021 As this is a novel product, the project aims to meet the European Community design registration application and the European Preparation and filing of a patent application.

In 2020, Dipperfox OÜ received investment support to diversify rural activities under the activity type “Investments for diversification of economic activities in rural areas towards non-agricultural activities,” under measure 6 of the framework “Development of agricultural enterprises and entrepreneurship.” Under this support, a welding robot with two workplace-based positioners was purchased. The purchased equipment increases the company’s value, guarantees the high quality of the work performed and the time security of the service.